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Resincoat Waterproof Paint is a multi-purpose sealer and waterproof coating that can be used on roofs or floors. The formula will adhere to splits and weaker areas providing a tough, waterproof cover that will protect against leaks. This coating can be applied in wet conditions making it flexible for use on many different types of job.

  • Superb sealing qualities
  • DIY friendly, very easy to apply
  • Heavy duty & long lasting
  • Only one coat required
  • 2.5KG
    A 2.5 kg unit will cover approx. 7m²
  • 5KG
    A 5 kg unit will cover approx. 15m²
  • 10KG
    A 10 kg unit will cover approx. 30m²

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Resincoat Waterproof Paint is designed to be easy to apply for any user providing a quick and effective solution to leaks, poor weather conditions or future water damage. The paint is a two-part polyurethane formula that provides a tough, smooth finish. The coating will produce a dark grey finish that is capable of fully sealing your surface with just one coat.

Technical Data
Matt Finish
Product Composition:
Two Pack Polyurethane System
Drying Time:
8-12 hours at 20°C
Long-lasting, weather resistant finish.
15m² per 5kg unit
Low VOC, low/inoffensive odour

How to use this product

Resincoat Waterproof Paint is extremely easy to use for either the novice DIY user or professional. Simply follow the instructions provided by mixing together parts A & B and applying the product with rollers and brushes within its 30 minute pot life. One coat is enough to achieve a waterproof seal but two coats can be applied to areas subjected to heavier conditions.

Kept us going in a pinch, made all the difference. Thanks Resincoat team.

Thursday, February 28, 2019