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Resincoat Metallic Coating Kit is a three component, high performance coating system designed to create unique designs ranging from marble-effect flooring to stunning pieces of art. The system can be applied to many different surfaces such as floors, table tops, planters and roof terraces.
  • UV Stable
  • Marble-like finish
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Stunning unique designs
  • 10m²
  • 20m²
  • 30m²

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Resincoat Metallic Epoxy Coating System has been specially formulated by our own chemists to create a special surface coating that is only limited by your imagination. Each project whether it be a table/bar top or a complete floor will be an exclusive, one off work of art.

The best part is that this is achievable using standard DIY techniques and our expert guidance.

Any surface that is stable and has an open, porous surface can be transformed, so wood concrete plastic, Formica, etc. can all be used.

Technical Data
Marble-like Metallic Finish
Product composition:
Three Component Epoxy System
Drying Time:
Allow 8-12 hours per coat
Tough, marble-like finish
VOC Free
600-800 microns

How to use this product

The first step of the metallic paint system is choosing your colours. Please note that as the pigments mix, a change in colour may occur. This is most notable when using primary colours. Black, white and grey can be mixed with primary colours without risk of change. 

Before applying the system your surface needs to be level and smooth, this will allow the metallic resin paint to float and flow across the surface. For maximum effectiveness you should prime and seal your surface with an epoxy primer. Ensure the surface is free of contamination such as dusts, dirt, oil or grease.

It is a good idea to experiment with technique and design on a test area first to ensure the design meets your expectations. 

Prepare your colours and resins and decide your background colour. Add your activator (PART B) as per your detailed instructions and apply to the surface using a professional roller. Follow the same procedure with the other colours to create your unique design. You may wish to pour, drip or brush the other metallic paints depending on the desired effect you are aiming to achieve. The design will start to take its own shape over the next few hours as the pigments and resins merge. When the formula has fully cured (approx. 12 hours after your final coat), go over it with the UVR top coat for added strength, sealing and UV protection.

This has transformed the seating area in my garden in Alicante. I cannot stop admiring it.

Lorraine F
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Our hotel lobby looks incredible. Really added value to our hotel and gives a great first impression to our guests as they arrive.

Mr. Suarez at Marina Hotel
Sunday, February 17, 2019