Resincoat Magnetic Flooring System is the latest in flooring technology. Using Karndean Designflooring Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) along with IOBAC and Resincoat’s patented magnetic resin formula, the system creates a wood or stone effect floor that’s both quicker and easier to install than a traditional adhesive based system.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring
  • One day installation
  • Tiles are easy to replace
  • Sound insulating

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles are an alternative flooring solution to traditional hardwood flooring. They are much easier to fit and replace whilst also being significantly more eco-friendly and sustainable thanks to the Resincoat magnetic system. The tiles are sound insulating and much softer underfoot than traditional wood or stone floors making them perfect for any room in the home.


Why should you use the Resincoat Magnetic System?

Our system is designed to be cheaper and much more effective than traditional adhesive methods. Traditional adhesives are more complicated to install, cost more and leave permanent damage to your floor. The magnetic system does not and has the advantage of easily swapping individual tiles if they become broken or damaged.

Technical Data
Wood or stone effect tiles
Product composition:
Magnetic IOBAC resin with Karndean LVT
Drying Time:
Magnetic resin cures in 60 minutes
Durably luxury vinyl tiles
Total installation time
1 day

How to use this product

To apply the Resincoat Magnetic Flooring System you will first need to prepare your starting surface. Our recommendation for this is a latex screed to achieve a smooth, level finish. This should then be cleaned to ensure there is no surface contamination before applying the Resincoat magnetic base coat. This formula is applied by trowel and will cure in as little as one hour. To properly install this system it is highly recommended that a Resincoat approved installer completes the work.

Once the magnetic base coat is down and has fully cured, the luxury vinyl tiles can simply be laid on top. The magnetic pull of the resin will keep the tiles locked in place, but should you want to remove a tile or re-adjust, simply lift the tile from the surface and re-position. 

Much quicker and actually cheaper than using traditional tiles. I recommend this system to all of my clients and it's always their first choice.

Gregor Salvador
Thursday, April 11, 2019

Simply stunning

Carlos H
Friday, June 21, 2019